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                                 Design Your Sign
        CSM1 You must do
CSM8 Wear face sheild
CSM2 Wear eye protection
CSM9 Wear high visibility clothing
CSM15 Fasten seat belts
CSS2 Break to obtain access
CSS9 Escape route left
CSF2 Location of fire extinguisher
CSG2 Directional arrow straight
CSM3 CSM4 Wear foot Wear hearing protection protection
CSM10 CSM11 Wash your Wear
hands laboratory coat
CSM16 CSM17 Wear safety Wear face harness mask
CSS3 CSS4 Assembly/ Emergency evacuation shower
CSS10 CSS11 Escape route Way out right diagonal
CSF3 CSF4 Location of Location of fire
CSM5 Wear hand protection
CSM12 Wear respirator
CSM18 Keep locked
CSS5 Emergency eyewash
CSS12 Way out straight
CSF5 Fire point
CSM6 Wear head protection
CSM13 Sound horn
CSM19 Place rubbish in bins
CSS6 First aid call point
CSS13 Emergency stop
CSF6 Emergency stop
CSM7 Pedestrians must use this route
CSM14 Wear protective clothing
                                           CSS1 First aid
CSS8 Disabled refuge point
CSF1 Location of fire hose reel
CSG1 Disabled toilet
fire alarm call point
CSS7 Emergency call point
CSS14 Drinking water
To direct to the location fire equipment
                    CSG3 Directional arrow diagonal
CSG4 Male toilet
CSG5 Female toilet
CSG6 Disabled parking
    CSG7 5 mph speed limit
10 mph speed limit
15 mph speed limit

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