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                                 Design Your Sign
       CSW1 Hazard
CSW8 Slippery surface
CSW15 Shallow water
CSW22 Biological material
CSW2 Electric
CSW9 Ionising radiation
CSW16 Scaffolding incomplete
CSW23 Falling objects
CSW3 Flammable material
CSW10 Trip hazard
CSW17 Beware of dog
CSW24 Explosive material
CSW4 CCTV cameras
CSW11 Deep water
CSW18 Compressed gas
CSW25 Laser beam
CSW5 Toxic material
CSW12 Fragile roof
CSW19 Diving area
CSW26 Sudden drop
CSW32 Heavy goods vehicles
CSP5 Switch off mobile phones
CSP12 No admittance with pacemakers
CSW6 Danger of death by electricity
CSW13 Non-ionisng radiation
CSW20 Barbed wire
CSW27 High noise levels
CSW7 Corrosive
CSW14 Industrial vehicles
CSW21 Risk of falling
CSW28 Low temperatures
                         CSW29 Overhead loads
CSW30 Fixed obstruction
CSW31 Oxidising material
             CSP1 Prohibition
CSP8 No unauthorised access
CSP15 Do not use ladder
CSP2 No smoking
CSP9 No eating, drinking or smoking
CSP3 No naked flames
CSP10 No cycling
CSP4 No pedestrians
CSP11 No industrial vehicles
CSP6 No children allowed
CSP13 Do not use scaffold
CSP7 Do not run
CSP14 No cameras
CSP16 Do not use lift
CSP17 Not drinking water
CSP18 No swimming
CSP19 No radios
CSP20 No dogs

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