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                                 Modular Grid Signs
 Modular Grid Signs are a new and innovative form of business signage. Designed to guide you to your destination. Easy to fit with or without a light fitting. Let our team help you to design your own graphics or choose from a wide range of common graphics used to help identify key personnel, key departments and communicating information at the right place helping to maintain health and safety of staff and customers.
Modular Grid Signs are designed to replace an existing suspended ceiling tile on 24mm and 15mm grid systems 600 x 600mm.
Simply remove the existing ceiling tile and put a Modular Grid Sign in its place. You can fit the signs under an existing flat 600 x 600mm modular light fitting or fit them without light fittings.
To fit Modular Grid Signs to the following :
1.) In a 600 x 600mm modular metal tile ceiling you will need a modular grid channel frame and hanging brackets
2.) For a plasterboard suspended ceiling you will need a modular grid tee frame
3.) For a solid ceiling you will need a modular grid channel frame
 Patent Pending 1620672.4

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