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                                 Photoluminescent Safety Signs
 In emergency situations, safe evacuation of premises should be the first priority. Night-time, windowless or smoke filled areas can cause serious reduction in visibility, allowing panic and disorientation to quickly take over.
In smoke filled areas normal emergency safety lighting will become ineffective. GEMGLOW® photoluminescent, glow in the dark signs, provide a very cost effective solution.
Glowing in the dark for upto 7 hours, GEMGLOW® is a PSPA “Class C ’ rated Product.
Use GEMGLOW® to provide the marking of emergency escape routes, by using a continuous line of wall markers to identify the direction of the escape route, fire exits, doors, stairways and for the location of fire fighting and emergency equipment.
GEMGLOW® signs are a 2 in 1 product - combining the ease of self adhesive fixing with the strength and durability of rigid plastic. Reverse printed and sealed with factory applied self adhesive.
Use GEMGLOW® signs in conjunction with wayfinding systems.
All GEMGLOW® products comply to IEC 60695-2-1/2:1994 ensuring GEMGLOW® is produced on non-flaming substrate.
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Simply the most competitive high lume’ photoluminescent available
     Photoluminescent tapes and labels on a roll ideal for marking doorways, stairs, direction of escape and potential hazards
Photoluminescent Safety signs used to highlight hazards and instruct
Photoluminescent floor markers, used for showing direction of escape.
Photoluminescent Fire exit signs, available in various designs to highlight escape routes.

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