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Self-Adhesive Vinyl
Self-Adhesive Vinyl (SAV) is
a flexible and versatile PVC substrate with a permanent adhesive backing. It is best suited to internal locations as it is not as durable externally as other materials such as Correx or Foamex.
Correx is a lightweight, durable and weather proof fluted polypropylene board suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Correx signs are ideally suited for outdoor temporary signage, such as builder’s name boards, site boards and estate agent signs.
1mm Rigid Plastic
White extruded calendered PVC sheeting is ideal for internal and external locations. The smooth white finish is easy to keep clean and offers exceptional rigidity. With a class 1 fire rating and excellent UV resistance 1mm rigid plastic is fully recyclable.
Foamex (3, 5 and 10mm)
PVC Foam board is a highly versatile sheet material
popular for use in external signage. Available in a choice of thicknesses and preformed in a range of colours, Foamex is a cost effective medium which can be shaped or heat bent.
A premium GRP/ Fibreglas substrate. The sub-surface print offers both excellent weather and vandal resistance. These signs produced in 3mm thick GRP can be used time and time again.
Over-laminates and protective films offer additional protection and resistance to dirt, pollution, UV degradation and graffiti. All of the materials listed above can be protected with over-laminates to prolong their project lifespan.

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