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 Fire Extinguisher Boards
   Fire Extinguisher
   Dry Powder
For use on all risks, including electrical and flammable liquids
     Fire Extinguisher
        Fire Extinguisher
For use on wood, paper & fabric fires
Do NOT use on electrical or flammable liquid fires
      Fire Extinguisher
For use on electrical and flammable liquid fires
Do NOT operate in confined spaces
    Projecting Fire Signs
 Fire Labels on a Roll
 Double Sided Hanging Signs
                                 The backboards are ideal for highlighting the location of fire extinguishers. Manufactured from 3mm foam board.
    MIS1 800 x 650 MIS2 800 x 650 MIS3 800 x 650 MIS4 800 x 650
Printed double sided on 3mm foamex, this range indicates the position of emergency equipment quickly and efficiently, even when the position of equipment may not be immediately obvious. Size shown indicates the face size.
PRO1 200 X 200 PRO2 200 X 200 PRO3 200 X 200 PRO4 200 X 200 PRO5 200 X 200
Supplied 100 labels on a roll these are cost effective and easy to use and ideal for large identification schemes.
FDR8 100 x 100 FDR9 100 x 100 FDR10 100 x 100 FDR11 100 x 100
Printed on durable 3mm foam PVC these double sided signs are excellent for highlighting fire fighting equipment, within factories, warehouses and large industrial units. Hanging chain sold separately see page 91.
HA1 400 x 600 HA2 400 x 600 HA3 400 x 600 HA11 400 x 600

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