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 Fire Action Notices
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Fire action
What you should do:
FIRE ALARM If you discover a fire Raise the alarm by breaking
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FI66 FI67
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FI68 200 x 300
BELL the glass of the nearest
Call for assistance and IF SAFE TO DO SO, attack the fire with the fire fighting equipment provided. If the fire should get out of control, or if your escape route is threatened, LEAVE THE BUILDING AT ONCE.
On hearing the fire alarm
Leave the building at once, quickly and calmly by the nearest available route. Escape routes are indicated by Green signs. Assist with the evacuation of visitors.
DO NOT stop to collect personal belongings.
If you suspect that there is a fire on the other side of a door, DO NOT open it.
As you leave the building, ensure that all the fire doors and windows on your route are closed.
DO NOT use the lifts.
When clear of the building - proceed to YOUR DESIGNATED ASSEMBLY POINT
DO NOT re-enter the building until told to do so by the Nominated Fire Officer
Fire Alarm Operating Point.
Staff should acquaint themselves with the sound of the fire alarm, location of the break glass points and fire fighting equipment. It is equally important to know of primary and alternative escape routes as well as the location of the fire assembly point.
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FI70 200 x 300 FI70A 150 x 200
400 x 300 (English, French and German)
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Fire action signs displaying pictorial symbols comply to the BS5499 designs. A comprehensive fire exit scheme can be undermined through the lack of an accurate fire procedure. Fire Action Notices provide essential, detailed information and should form part of a comprehensive fire exit and evacuation process. If your requirements cannot be met from our standard range please contact our sales office for prices on specialist notices.
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