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Solarsign are designed for external use and available in wall mounted, post mounted and free-standing monolith options, they come complete with magnetic or felt backing boards. These solar cases are maintenance free using natural light to store power during the day, then at dusk the case is illuminated by movement giving 24hr visibility.
Solarsign charges during daylight hours
For further information contact our sales office for pricing and delivery options.
                                                          Solarsign illuminates from dusk when activated
                 Employing an intellegent energy managment system to maximise its on-demand illumination. LED illumination is triggered when low level of ambient light are combined with movement detection. Duel power units (solar and mains power) are also available where constant illumination is required.
    Post mounted double door case Header panel profiles
Wall mounted double door case Post mounted single door case
Double sided monolith
    Square Arc Please state post profile when ordering
D Circular Square Profile Profile Profile
Arc blended
Chose from the solarsign colours below
 9005    7004    9006
5010 5013 6005
Centre radiused
3004 3020

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