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                                 Easy Change Door Sign
This range of exclusive door signs give a professional clean finish to any environment. Available in silver anodised aluminium. We can apply the black text of your choice to both the header and slider sections.
  Artemis Door Sliding Sign
This contemporary anodised aluminium door slider sign has contrasting black lockable end-caps.
Accepts an interchangeable paper insert, covered with clear acrylic to give long life. Complete with ‘Free / Engaged’ slider section.
ART1S 148 x 280mm
  DS1A Complete Unit 180 X 75 Please advise your text choice.
Header Section
(Please advise your text choice. Maximum 32 letters)
Slider Section
(Please advise your text choice. Maxi- mum 8 letters per segment)
DS3A Fixed Title Only 180 X 45 Please advise your text choice. (Maximum 16 letters per segment)
DS5A Slider Only 180 X 30 Please advise your text choice. (Maximum 8 letters per segment)
  Arcline Door Sliding Sign
A slimline anodised aluminium door slider with an interchangeable centre section with clear cover. Accepts an interchangeable paper insert. Please advise the text required for both top section and the insert. The slider section reads “Occupied / Free”
ARC1 120 x 120mm

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